Tornamos possível o acesso ao crédito para Micro e Pequenas Empresas, incluindo negativadas, através da Antecipação de Recebíveis nas modalidades de Factoring, Fundo de Investimento em Direitos Creditórios e Securitizadora. Além disso, meios de pagamento, máquina de cartão e conta de pagamento digital.

Rock and Roll

Banks don’t concern about MPEs financial problems and limitations, and that open up opportunities for Fintechs. That’s our case, offering easy credit, with less bureaucracy, by a digital platform.

Sobre o Problema

Bureaucracy has taken over access to credit, where banks control the time and taxes of financial solutions. Micro and Small business are in a hurry to grow, but most of them can’t even get credit due to a regular situation or bad credit record.

Sobre o Produto ou Solução

We offer easy and quick access to credit, using the promptness of AI and the human-human relationship through Factoring Invoice (Factoring, Securitization and FIDC) by means of a digital platform, with our entire focus on the customer, to make their financial life easier.

Sobre o Mercado

Micro and Small enterprises are 99% of the companies in Brazil, representing 27% of the GDP and 52% of the formal jobs. According to Serasa Experian, 5.7 million of those business are with a bad credit record, 30% of the total. They need relief. They need credit to operate their lives.

Sobre o Tempero Secreto

Our Unique Selling Point it’s AI-Machine Learning operation, that turns our solutions more easy and fast, with a record time of 4 hours of operation. This creates an unique experience for each one of our customers, from all over Brazil. We’re different by agility, empathy and social impact behavior.