Treasury Bonds Plus is an international P2P Lending operation, in love with blockchain. Our purpose is to reduce the Brazilian banking spread and help people evolve socially. Today the interest rate in Brazil is 2.25% per year, but it is easy for a Brazilian to pay 151% per year of interest on his loans. We created Token Bonds, which are investment securities with a fixed interest rate with a high return. We enable bold investors from around the world to have a better return on their investments while giving more dignity to Brazilians. We are incubated by LIFT. LIFT is an innovation ecosystem coordinated by FENASBAC and the Central Bank of Brazil, supported by technology companies that develop innovation for the National Financial System. In our class, there are 980 registered startups and we are among the 25 selected for the LIFT incubation. Help us to reduce the Brazilian bank spread and earn 1% per month of return on your investments.